Change is inevitable. Growth is optional

– Ken Blanchard

Overcoming Stress


If stress is interfering with your day-to-day routine, seek professional guidance in Redwood City, CA, by choosing the stress reducing services at Mind Wave Institute. We’re committed to helping you receive treatment in a caring and spa-like environment. Whether you’re suffering from panic, fears, persistent worrying, or phobias, you’ll receive the support and personalized attention that you need to help you take control of your situation.


We can offer you treatment, no matter the degree or severity of your stress, tension or emotional pain. We’ll examine the causes of your struggles, and quickly respond with an individualized plan to lead you on the road to self-discovery.


You have 60,000 thoughts per day, 95% of them are automatic or habitual and, in normal people, 60-70% of them are negative.  If you experience stress or unhappiness then a greater percentage of your habitual thought patterns are negative causing negative emotions such as timidity, fear, low self-esteem, irritation, frustration, or sadness.


You are not alone, there is an epidemic of negativity and struggle across the world.  In the US 19% of people will experience anxiety during their lifetime and 15% will experience depression. The World Health Organization has predicted that depression will become the second leading cause of death by the year 2020.


The good news is that you can change the habitual patterns of thinking that underlie these devastating issues.  At Mind Wave Institute we have helped hundreds of people find happiness and reduce stress using the most efficient and effective technology to support your change.


Mind Wave Institute offers Redwood City, CA, rREST technology, hypnotherapy, guided meditation, and Neuro Emotional Technique in the effort to help you experience the freedom that you deserve. Call us today to find out how our treatment programs can help you.