Hypnosis for permanent weight release. 


Do you wish you had control over your cravings?  Do you worry that your habits are so ingrained nothing can change them?  Let the Hello Slim and Sassy hypnosis audios and Vitality Journal retrain your subconscious mind and your habits while you relax and enjoy your life.


This training program includes 5 hypnosis recordings that deliver unique and powerful suggestions and guided imagery directly to your subconscious mind to assist you in releasing excess weight, easily and effortlessly. It also includes The Vitality Journal which supports and guides your progress for as long as you need it. Plus, you will get an information packed seminar that will provide even more understanding and tools to guide you along the way.


If you follow this program, you will change your habits in a positive way without having to rely on your willpower.  This program works most efficiently and effectively in conjunction with Transform30.









Find the keys to Unlock Your Slim and Sassy Self and say Hello, Slim and Sassy!


  • Master easy solutions to transform your relationship to food and your body.


  • Stop relying on willpower and rewire your mind for the slim and sassy you.


  • Create an easy plan of changes that you want.


Access your inner strength, passion and vitality to live a life you love.

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What people are saying about Hello, Slim and Sassy!


"The entire concept and program is set up for a win-win environment."


"I like ME now ... I am kind to myself."


"I didn't know it could be so easy."

"I feel like a different person ... I am so much happier"