My Spirited Life Workshop Program



At Mind Wave Institute, we have weekend workshops several times a year that allow you a safe, nurturing and dynamic space to dig into your unconscious beliefs and patterns and clear out the cobwebs and re-create yourself in a way you love.


However, we do not have any workshops scheduled at this time so we recommend contacting Dr. Sholes for a private consultation.  You will get individualized plan to support you in creating a life you love.


In the My Spirited Life weekend workshop you will:


  • Stop relying on willpower and rewire your mind for a lighter, spirited body.


  • Access you inner strength, passion and vitality to live the life you love.


  • Master easy solutions to transform your relationship to food, your body and your life.



The results our clients have had are as powerful and individual as they are.  Here is some of the wonderful things they have said about the program:


"Your presentations were fantastic ... The people at work keep asking me why I am so happy"


"... I had no idea I could have these powerful feelings and enjoyment in my body.  My life is really transformed."


"This workshop has changed my life ..."


"The best part is, I have kept the weight off."