The teacher who is indeed wise ...
leads you to the threshold of your own mind.  
- Kalil Gilbran

Creating Your Success Mindset 


At Mind Wave Institute we are passionate about the process of working with each individual to design a program to create your unique success mindset.  Different people will start along this path at different places, but we can start wherever you are.


Many of our clients begin with some level of heightened stress because they have very sensitive nervous systems, which I refer to as the Porsche of nervous systems.  You may be very intelligent, creative, able to connect lots of dots, see the big picture often in great detail. At your best you are very busy, capable, accomplished, focused, and have a full and abundant life.  However, when life throws stressors at you, you may get overwhelmed by all of the stimulation. You might find your introverted tendencies turning into social anxieties. You may be prone to overreaction or lack of joy and motivation. Or you might just feel like you are losing your edge.  If you haven't taken the time to take care of your physical body, then you may feel down, exhausted, and frazzled. If you have a highly sensitive nervous system, you require special care, tools and techniques to optimize your brain, build resilience, and perform at your finest.


You would never take a Porsche off road or feed it improper gas or forget to put in the oil.  You would never treat your Porsche like a Hummer. But that is often what people do with their highly sensitive nervous systems. They misunderstand, mistreat and under appreciate their unique and valuable qualities.  At Mind Wave Institute we understand how to support your nervous system to function at its peak whether it is the Porsche of nervous systems or the Hummer of nervous systems.  Where ever you are we can help you achieve a brilliant mind and life of success that represents you.  


Give us a call to explore your unique Success Mindset Program.