What is rREST? Dr. Cindy Explains.

What is rREST  ?

Stress Management Therapy California


rREST is an innovative, mind-body technology that quickly and successfully eliminates stress response patterns generated and reinforced by adversity. rREST is the most effective tool available to give you long-lasting, breakthrough success, fast and efficiently.  

How rREST works:


Do you know how sometimes you feel like something just pushes your buttons?  Annoying right? We want and expect to respond one way and yet our minds are hijacked and we find ourselves doing something completely different, like yelling at your kids.  Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have buttons to push? Well, rREST removes the buttons.


Whether you know it or not, we are all haunted by our past traumas. The reactions we learned from past trauma can interfere with our goals. If you have ever found yourself reacting automatically or struggling to break a “bad” habit, you know what we are talking about. 


When we were little, we all had experiences that were emotionally traumatic. They might not seem traumatic from the adult perspective, but they were when we were young.  For example, trauma could be as simple and common as having your pacifier taken away … for good. From a baby’s perspective that could feel like the end of the world as we know it.


When we have trauma, we learn a stress response pattern to “handle it”.  Later something similar happens and we get triggered, our button gets pushed, over and over again, reinforcing the pattern and making it a habit.   For example, we might lose a toy, a game, a friend, a pet, a deal, a loved one, every time … each time pushing our buttons. Without intending to, we find ourselves throwing the same tantrum, either internally or externally, as we did when we were two and “lost” our pacifier.  


By the time we are adults, the pattern is pretty ingrained and automatic.  Our buttons are firmly embedded and vulnerable. And the reaction that results from our buttons being pushed is usually not very effective, useful, or appropriate. Therapy tries to address these dysfunctional or maladaptive behaviors or emotions, but it works only slowly at best.  That’s because you don’t have conscious access to changing the buttons that trigger the stress habits. The buttons are subconscious. The mechanism of the button is the original traumatic memory that lives deep in the implicit memory banks of the limbic system.


 rREST uses biofeedback of the stress response (just like a lie detector) to get underneath the button, to access to the trauma and see what happened.  Once this initial implicit memory is revealed, it automatically changes and is updated with the adult perspective. Our adult minds rarely experience the child's trauma as threatening anymore.  This new perspective of the trauma, becomes a lasting change in the mind when we sleep, as the updated memory gets consolidated back into long term memory.  


Put the Past to rREST and lose the buttons. Schedule a free Breakthrough Discovery Session here.​


Who is it for?


rREST is for anyone who is not willing to let stress interfere with living life fully.  Elite athletes realize that to perform at their peak, they need to have just enough, but not too much, stress.  Getting triggered with more stress than they need can knock them off their game.  


 rREST   is for you if you:

  • Feel like you can’t reach your goals because you keep bumping into the same habits or emotional reaction patterns. 

  • Want to break a bad habit but can’t.

  • Keep getting your buttons pushed.

  • Feel resistant to your goals


Service leaders and coaches, whether business coaches, life coaches, wellness coaches, or athletic coaches, benefit the most from rREST because they can be trained to use it to help their clients reach their goals more quickly with more ease and efficiency.  

Get back in the flow with rREST    Rapid Reprogramming of Emotional Stress Technique.  Schedule a free Breakthrough Discovery Session now.  

Stress: The Silent Killer of High Performance

High-performance athletes, highly successful entrepreneurs, highly effective coaches, and corporate leaders have something in common.  They generate a clear vision for success. They get in the flow. They stay in the flow. And, they rapidly move toward success. That is  … until breakdowns happen … and the flow stops.


The problem for most of us, even the most highly successful, is unforeseen obstacles can get in our way, kicking us out of the flow, sabotaging our efforts, and leading to burnout.  


The reason that breakdowns have such an impact on us is that humans are mentally and emotionally wired to stay safely in our comfort zone. This is especially true for highly creative, intelligent, and sensitive people who often see opportunities in adversity. When change is too rapid, even good change, our bodies will often respond with a stress response that takes us out of the game momentarily so we aren’t performing at our peak. 


When breakdowns happen, our ability to get back in the flow, rapidly and easily, makes the difference between competitive success and failure.  This ability to bounce back after adversity is called emotional resilience. High-stress careers and other situations take a toll on our performance and our mental and physical health unless we have a very high emotional resilience.  In fact, anything that “pushes your buttons” can keep you away from peak performance.


The good news is that these dysfunctional stress response patterns can be improved with rREST to create a high level of resilience so you can create your vision more rapidly with more ease.

Could rREST keep you off the bench and on your A-game?  Schedule a free “Breakthrough Discovery Session” session with Dr. Cindy Sholes to find out.

What people are saying about rREST :


Valarie Says:

I have been a successful professional, but looking back, I was never really happy.  In my culture, we are taught to show a calm brave face. I learned to do this to a fault and it almost cost me my life.

Neither my work-life nor my personal life was working for me. I had a high paying job which I wasn’t passionate about and I was just going through the motions. I was wearing golden handcuffs. I had just gotten engaged to a man that I loved, that was not accepted by my family, and I felt like I had to choose between him or them.  When I first went to see Dr. Sholes, I couldn’t see any solution to these problems and as was my normal go-to solution, I was contemplating suicide (again) as a way out.

Through many rREST sessions with Dr. Sholes, I have created a compassionate and loving relationship with myself, enabling me to have a more honest, joyful, and loving relationship with my family and my husband.  I have also discovered my passion and found a way to realize by building a business as a rREST Practitioner helping others eliminate their stress reaction patterns to find inner peace.

Carolyn Says:

Before working with rREST    I was very stuck, dealing with PTSD and not able to reach previous levels of success. Within just 3 months of working together, I have manifested an amazing relationship, money is starting to flow again and I feel happy and energized when I wake up and all day long.

Thank you so much for helping me over these crucial hurdles at this juncture of my life


Kathleen Says:


Since our rREST sessions,  I am a very joyous woman attending another male-dominated conference this week.  The stress and tension I used to feel at these conferences are gone! This was a huge breakthrough for me.  I can think clearly and freely and joyously communicate. This has never been the case previously.

Linda Boyd says:

Dr. Cindy Sholes has been a part of my "village" of support for the past several years.  I recently moved, which through me into a tizzy and lead to depression. I saw her immediately and found rREST to be the most effective technique of all of my professional support for reducing my anxiety and getting me back on track quickly and in a caring and gentle manner.  I HIGHLY recommend rREST!