30 Days Can Change Your Life

At Mind Wave Institute we are launching a new campaign - “A Pound Away Keeps the Doctor at Bay” with a goal of 1000 lbs. of weight loss in the next 1 year. While this might sounds like quite a challenge because our busy lifestyles and the abundance of nutrient poor, convenience foods lead to dragging health and burnout, healthy living can be easily achieved using the plant based, whole food nutrition of Juice Plus Complete shakes and capsules in the tried and proven Transform30 program. And, for every pound lost by our clients using the Transform30 program, Mind Wave Institute will donate $1 to the Hunger Project. For more detailed information about Transform 30 please visit https://www.transform30.com/rep/drcindy/

Fed Up (2014)

To start this campaign we are offering a trial of the Juice Plus Complete Shakes to our current clients. The first 5 people to join this campaign will recieve a Whole Foods gift card … Just email us your ARO order number with the subject line "YES, I am ready to get started!". I will send your free gift out as soon as your order is in the system.

I was amazed at my results when I added Juice Plus Complete to my daily plan for 30 days with the Transform30 guidelines. I was skeptical that I would possibly notice any changes because I eat realatively well, exercise, have been taking all three blends of Juice Plus and have been dairy-free for many years. But when I added the Juice Plus complete shakes to my diet along with the other Transform30 recommendations, the results I got were surprising. I had more energy and lost 7 lbs. of belly fat and several inches around my waist. But the best result was the complete reduction of the debilitating pain I had been having in the bottom of my feet. Before Transform30 I had had to quit running and couldn't walk on cement for more than a few blocks without a great deal of pain. But after 4-6 weeks of Transform30 I was back on my feet and started hiking and running again. Since that time, the Juice Plus Complete shakes have become a regular part of my daily routine. I will never stop taking my JP+ capsules and Complete shakes. I love the energy I have and I feel about 15 years younger!.

If you would like to taste the Juice Plus Compete Shakes, give me a call. Order them today in chocolate or vanilla and I will send you a free gift card – just for trying it out! This offer is risk free because even if you find that you do not like the Complete, the company that created Juice Plus+ will buy back all of your unopened bags.

The Transform 30 program supports you in getting high density nutrition from 40+ plants every day so your body can heal and get rid of unwanted toxins and waste products. This is the reason why it is so effective at producing long-term success. If your body is detoxifying optimally then it doesn’t see the need to hold on to extra fat in order to store those toxins.

How many pounds would you like to donate to the "Pound Away" Campaign? Join us to lose weight, feel younger, and prevent the most common degenerative diseases. Make one simple change, and see what this program can do for you in 30 days!

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