What's on your mind? Choose.

photo by Frank DeMartini

"It is in the brain that the poppy is red, that the apple is odorous, that the skylark sings" - Oscar Wilde

Isn't it cool that your brain can create a world of wonder and beauty for you to experience?

The magical thing is that you can use your mind's ability to think and imagine to make all kinds of changes in your life and your body.

Every thought that you think has a physiological reaction in your body. And, it is difficult for the human body-mind to tell the difference between imagination and reality. So every thought counts ... even if it isn't true ... even if it is imaginary.

Have you ever gone to the movies and reacted with fright when something dangerous abruptly appears on the screen? Or ... imagined something frightening in your head and felt your body will react? Those worriers out there know what I mean!

If negative thoughts can create stress and breakdown, then can positive thoughts create relaxation and healing or even a better world to experience? Sure. In fact, thoughts can influence the immune system, the digestive system and even the endocrine system. ... Your body responds to your thoughts.

AND, this is the most important thing, you can choose your thoughts.

Pay attention to what you are thinking. If the thoughts feel good, choose to keep going with them. If they feel bad, change them. It is really that simple.

But ... here is the interesting part ... whether the thoughts are true or not is irrelevant. Don't let "reality" interfere with inner peace!

Contrary to popular belief, evolutionarily, human minds did not develop to be very good indicators of, or predictors of, reality. They are much better at making up stuff. In fact they are really good at it! Our minds make up stuff all the time, whether we want them to or not.

Some people feel they have no control over their thoughts and struggle to choose their thoughts by themselves. When that is the case, I always recommend they listen to a guided meditation or visualization that will feed their brain useful, happy thoughts.

One might call this magical thinking but it programs the mind to see the positive and work toward the positive. Opportunities for growth are then illuminated and taken when the mind has been primed to pay attention in this way. Research has shown this type of mental practice works for all kinds of things from enhanced emotional resilience (better known as "grit") and athletic performance, to reduction of stress related symptoms associated with PTSD, social anxiety, and phobias.

Take time everyday (at least 5 min) to consciously choose your thoughts, let your body relax and create some magic in your world.

You are in charge. Unlock the healing power of your mind!

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