NET Changes the Brain

Do you remember what it was like before NET? … I have had so many NET sessions now … with positive changes every time … that I hardly remember the struggles I had once. I am reminded occasionally when familiar circumstances show up that used to make me feel insecure or nervous. Now I feel content, in control … or as my colleague, Michelle Bradshaw, says, “in charge” of my life … no matter what the circumstances.

So many of my clients express the same sentiment, they feel calm as if a great weight has been lifted from their shoulders. Life just occurs to be a bit easier after NET. They observe they have more energy because less emotional energy is being wasted on useless, old thought patterns and habits. Maybe you have noticed some of the same positive benefits.

New research out on NET has demonstrated that changes in the brain begin immediately. People begin to notice a difference after 3 sessions and the changes are long term. I really enjoyed listening to interviews with some of the researchers who have been studying the benefits of NET. You might enjoy them too. Check them out at One Research Foundation.

One thing I have noticed for myself, and my clients, is a general, mind-cleansing session with NET on a monthly basis is especially helpful to keep my mind clear, confident and in charge.

If you are interested in a once or twice a month regular visit, ask me about my discounted membership packages. I have a limited number to offer.

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