Time Does NOT Heal all Wounds

One of my clients, Tianna, wrote this piece about our work together. She makes some profound points.

In my time working with Dr. Cindy, I have learned an important part of healing: time. And, I don’t mean the common sentiment that we often hear "time heals all wounds”. I don’t believe that any more. But, rather I have observed that time can have an interesting impact in the mental process of change.

When I first discovered rREST, I was presented with a solution that is meant to be fast and effective. As I experienced rREST for myself, this is what I found.

Immediately after a rREST session, I would notice that I went from distress at the beginning to peace at the end. For the next week, I would have minimal thoughts about my experience, but I would have this feeling of tension in my mind, and I wondered if the session really worked. THEN, about a month later, I would realize that what had been bothering me, no longer bothered me at all.

Working with Dr. Cindy, I have learned that rREST is effective because it addresses the root of a thought pattern that is causing distress in my life. That root is then essentially rewritten in the brain; to change the pattern, one must change the brain. While I have discovered that the brain is actually quite flexible and quite resilient, it does still need time to go through this rewriting process. This is the process of change, and the process of healing; this is the reason I needed time.

But what about this idea that rREST is supposed to not just be effective, but also fast? After all, the first r in rREST stands for “rapid”. Well, let me share some perspective.

In rREST sessions, I have addressed with Dr. Cindy issues that I have dealt with my entire life: years of suffering and therapy, years of damaging my life and relationships because of behavioral patterns that were not helpful to my present circumstance, years of frustration at my lack of progress or change. Things that I had spent years dealing with, rREST resolved in a month.

I think as imperfect humans, it is easy for us to be impatient. We often want results right away and we hate waiting. Though a rREST session would give me immediate results of peace, I learned that I needed time for results of change. In my experience, rREST was a fast solution not because it did not require time, but because what previously was taking years of conscious effort, took instead a month of subconscious change.

I once worked with a health coach who told me "give it 30 days". I heard his words, but I don't think I internalized the lesson. Now with rREST, however, it has clicked. Without even realizing it, I gave it 30 days and discovered lasting change.

Time may not heal all wounds, but change brings healing, and change takes time.

In my 18 years of working with thousands of clients, I have noticed many clients have similar experiences to what Tianna has described. I share in Tanya Markul’s thoughts, “Be patient when you are becoming someone you haven't been before.”

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