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We all have to go to school as kids; but, no matter how far you have gone in our educational system, it is unlikely you have been taught the most effective ways to use your mind or body to to get what you truly desire out of life - happiness, fulfillment, engagement, joy.  At Mind Wave Institute School, we give you the understanding and the practical tools to maximize the power of your mind for your health and well being.  Using our methods you will be release from the traps of anxiety, perfectionism, and cultural expectations so you can create abundance in all areas of your life.  To learn more and register, go to www.MindWaveInstitute.School

Magic Mind Method Workshop Series

Want to get in the flow?  So many of our clients come to us because they are stuck in the eddies of life, spinning around, barely keeping their heads above water and feeling overwhelmed as the stream of life seems to be passing them by.  It doesn't have to be that way.  Our workshop series can guide you out of the eddy and into the flow.  The flow is where creativity, happiness, purpose and passion life.  You have likely experienced it but may not know how to get there or stay there.  We know and will share the secrets with you.  Go to www.MagicMindMethod.com to see our upcoming events.  Or emails us to get our our mailing list.

Hello, Slim and Sassy

Happy Body Makeover: Free Your Mind, Free Your Body


Do you feel out of control of your weight or eating?  Do cravings consistently get the best of you? Do you wish you had more willpower? Many heavy people feel ashamed or ostracized because of prevalent but misguided cultural beliefs about weight.  In fact, excess weight might not be your fault.


You might get discouraged when your weight goes up because you are told they have no willpower.  People might even be implied that you are lazy or you don't care. Most likely you know what you are 'supposed' to do but diets are often confusing and conflicting and haven't worked.  And, maybe you don't want to give up the one thing in life that gives you comfort and pleasure - food.  You are too tired to exercise and too frazzled to change your life. 


You are not alone and 'you' are not the problem.  At Mind Wave Institute, in collaboration with Inspiring Happiness, we help you understand why you have excess weight and work with you in a holistic way to create an individualized plan to support you to break the old patterns that you have learned while trying to conform and meet expectations of others and we give you solutions that provide easy change.  We will support you to love your body and your life.  We have been there and have worked with hundreds of clients just like you to help them regain control over their lives. 


Inspiring Happiness - Programs, Workshops, and Retreats
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Anna's Story - Finding Control


“It started with my husband overhearing a conversation in an elevator: Two women talking about overcoming a 30-year-long smoking addiction in a single session of therapy.


My husband immediately thought of me. I wasn’t a smoker, but I had been struggling with weight issues for more than a decade. I was ashamed of my weight: Unable to accept the way I looked,  I felt like everyone around me was passing judgment as well. I had lost confidence in myself, my work, y relationships - and I felt helpless.


My husband came home and handed me a business card for Dr. Cynthia Sholes. I was skeptical at first but Cynthia’s background as a doctor of neurobiology was reassuring, and I found the Neuro-Emotional Technique described on her website intriguing. Many of my friends had spent years in various weight loss therapies with not much to show for it;  I knew that I needed a different approach. NET was worth a shot.


At a our free consultation I found Cynthia to be soft-spoken,  sharp-minded,  compassionate and trustworthy. I got the impression that she genuinely wanted to help me. After going home and giving this some thought,  I decided to start therapy.


The best way to describe Cynthia at work is as a human condition detective. I saw a difference in myself after the very first session. Using neuro-emotional reprogramming,  she eliminated my issue of shame first,  which freed me to address my weight problem. I began to regain my confidence but most importantly,  I began to lose weight.


In just 8 sessions over a 12-week period,  both my mental and physical state improved dramatically. I got off the antidepressant medication I was taking and went back to doing excellent work professionally. Expanding my social circle became effortless too,  which made my confidence soar. I’m in the best mental shape I’ve been in years. Thank you,  Cynthia!”


— Anna from San Mateo County


Say YES to Positive Habits. Say YES to a Happy Body!

Fuel Your Body, Fuel Your Mind

If you are like most people, taking care of yourself is not at the top of the priority list. Your fast paced lifestyle doesn't leave the time to focus on the needs of your body.  If this sounds familiar, then this intensive, weekend workshop was designed with you in mind.  

Do you wish you had control over your cravings?  Do you worry that your habits are so ingrained nothing can change them?  Let the hypnosis audios and Hello, Slim and Sassy workbook retrain your mind and your habits while you relax and enjoy your life.  30 days can change your life!


Use the magic of brain science to take control and claim the passionate life you desire!
Use Happiness as a tool to free your body and mind.

Feel empowered with Effortless Weight Loss and Vitality.

Learn the Secrets to Eliminate Cravings

Feel Your Body Sparkle.  Programs to be the best person you can be.